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Proceeds from the Mud Hog will be donated to the Breathe NH:

The Mud Hog trail race directly sponsors charities through your race fees. This year the race will be sponsoring Breathe NH.

All Mud Hog competitors will be racing together with their partner, bikers and runners will occupy the course at the same time. Teams will begin together, with one teammate on the bike and the other on foot. You will only see your partner when you pass them between obstacles, at the start and finish, and especially in the mud pit. The course will consist of 5-6 miles, with 4-5 obstacles at exchange points. When the biker reaches the obstacle (hopefully before the runner), they will leave the bike, complete the obstacle and continue on foot. When the runner reaches the obstacle, they will complete it and pick up the bike(left by their partner). Each competitor will need to complete the obstacle prior to returning to the course. Last year's obstacles included tires, a slip and slide and a balance beam among others. Picture the race as a leapfrog between you and your partner.

The course will finish with the 60ft Mud Hog mud pit! Racers will need to wait for their partner before entering the mud pit. Competitors will have to dig and crawl their way through the pit with their partner, and sprint to the finish. Racers will have to finish within seconds of each other to have a time recorded. During the race, competitors must wear a bike helmet at all times. In addition, all bikes must have a water bottle mounted on the bike for both racers to share. Running water clean-up will be available at the finish area this year!

Following the race, competitors are invited to the open BBQ, all part of the race entry fee. Racers must be at least 18 years of age to compete in the main event. Our sponsor brewery Boston Beer Company will be serving up cold beer after the race for anyone in the race. We will be having a buffet style this year to try to speed up service, spectators will be able to buy concessions separately.

The main event will begin at 11:00am sharp on race day, so make sure to show up early.

Racer Categories:

Participants will be able to compete in one of 3 different team categories, and will be assigned an age group category. Participants can compete as either a Male/Male team, Female/Female team or Coed. All teams will be assigned to age groups based upon the combined aged of their team, for example, Racer 1 is 26 and Racer 2 is 31, combined age is 57. Age group categories will be announced in the weeks before the race, to make sure most people do not fall into an overly broad group. We will be having more categories than in previous years for more prizes!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Racers must wear a bike helmet at all times on the course, even while competing in the mud pit and while running.

  2. All racers must be 18 years of age or older on race day.

  3. Each team must share one bike throughout the race. Participants are responsible for their own bikes, and take responsibility for any damage caused to the bikes during the race. The Mud Hog cannot provide bikes for teams, teams must supply their own.

  4. Runners will stay to the right side of the trails to allow bikers to pass on the left.

  5. Numbers will be provided for the bikes, but it is suggested that participants also mark their bikes as they choose, for greater visibility in the field of bikes.

  6. All participants bikes should have a water bottle affixed to the shared team bike.

  7. When participants reach the mud pit at the end, they must crawl through the pit on hands and knees. There is no running or jumping in the mud pit, any participant that does so will be disqualified.

  8. Race entry fees are non-refundable, as costs will be incurred by race directors. A contribution will still be made to Breathe NH even in the event of a cancellation.

  9. The Mud Hog is an all weather event; rain, snow, muddy conditions. In the rare event that it is actually canceled, please note rule number 8. Be prepared for inclement weather with warm clothing or sunscreen, based upon local weather reports on the day of the race.

  10. Team names must be family appropriate as judged by race management.