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Important Note: This year's race will follow a similar course as last year. Because we will be starting at the main lodge area (see map), the course will use a different route, the new route will be posted as soon as it is available. The map on this page is from the 2009 race. (3/15/2010)

The link below contains a PDF map of the course and the Gunstock trail system. All red highlighted trails will be part of the course, the arrows indicate which direction the race will be running on the trail.

"X" stands for transition point, where teams will encounter an obstacle. At these points there will be a drop area for bikes, and Mud Hog volunteers helping racers find their way. Don't worry if the map is a little confusing, the course will be clearly marked on race day.

Leg 1 of the course is mostly through a wooded trail on mostly level ground. Expect intermitant muddy conditions and double track or better riding.

Leg 2 is mostly fire road trail, with a steep uphill in the middle of the section. At the top of the hill is the 2nd obstacle.

Leg 3 is the most challenging section for biking in the Mud Hog. Trails are double track or better, but do have some rockier ups and downs and potentially muddier sections.

Leg 4 is mostly downhill, with a short section of narrower double track trails toward the second half of the leg.

Leg 5 is a repeat in reverse of the first leg.

The course will consist of approximately 5.25 miles, with 4 obstacles at exchange points, when the runner will pick up the bike, and the biker will start to run. Each competitor will need to complete the obstacle prior to returning to the course.

The course will finish with the 60ft Mud Hog mud pit! Competitors will have to dig and crawl their way through the pit with their partner, and sprint to the finish.

Click here to download and view the course map PDF.